What causes us to need reading glasses?

There is a lens inside your eye that grows rigid over time and is less able to adjust its shape.

Therefore it cannot redirect the light to a single focus on the retina inside your eye and the result is a blurred image that you see.

Who is at risk?

Most people approaching their mid-forties notice that print starts to look blurred in dull light or when working for extended periods of time.

Can I prevent it?

There is no way to stop this normal biological process.  There are things you can do to see clearer, but nothing is as effective as using glasses to restore your focus.

Tips if you don’t have glasses

Joint the long arm club!

You can push the image further away and join the long arm club.  This keeps the image in focus by reducing the demand on the lens inside your eyes as the focal point is further away.

Scare the Gremlins away!

Reading in bright light although not ideal can help.  The pupil constricts to bright light, acting like a pinhole camera, therefore, focusing the light and maintaining a clearer picture.