How do I test if I need reading glasses?

If you have never needed to wear glasses before, you can use our guide and examples below.

Example 1

You are 55 years old have good distance vision and just want to see your mobile phone, read a book and see clearly to perform general close tasks.

From the chart Link to what is presbyopia, find your age 55 years, ideal power +2.00 D, ideal distance 50cm.

Example 2

You are 55 years old with good distance vision and proof check intricate packaging designs for many hours a day at approx. 30cm

From the chart find your distance as this is the most important aspect, ideal power +3.00D.  Just be aware that these glasses will be for that specific task and will feel too strong for general tasks.

You can use the chart below to ensure you have the correct powered lenses for the jobs or tasks you need to perform. 

Reading123 would always recommend that you consult an Optometrist to fully test your vision and check the health of your eyes.  Just remember that you don’t have to pay extortionate prices for reading glasses afterwards!

If you would like our team to recommend powers for you, send your prescription via email and we will send you our power recommendations