How To Clean And Maintain Your Glasses Like The Professionals

How To Clean And Maintain Your Glasses Like The Professionals

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There is nothing more infuriating than putting on a pair of glasses to notice an annoying greasy fingerprint, scuff or scratch is blocking your vision.

So here at Reading123, we put together ‘the’ definitive guide to keeping the precious window to your world as clear and scratch free, for as long as possible.
Like many things in life, it's all in the preparation. So we can highly recommend a few top tips for your cleaning and maintenance routine to ensure the best results each and every time.

Rinse Your Glasses
Rinse The Reading Glasses Lenses First

Run each lens in lukewarm water for a few seconds moving the lenses briskly back and forth. This is to remove any small dust particles and debris that can be stuck to the surface of the lens and if rubbed can act like sandpaper, scuffing and scratching the surface.

Allow to Air Dry

After rinsing the lenses.  Leave your reading glasses to air dry on a draining board. Add this to your bedtime routine allowing them to dry overnight is the gold standard!

If you happen to be in a rush, don’t despair. One of the best options is to dab the lenses dry with a superabsorbent material or sponge to remove the excess fluid from each lens surface before using cleaning products to bring them to a shine.

If you are out and about, a sharp air blow of each lens, front and back, should dislodge most particles.  A tap on a firm surface will also help remove any debris trapped near to the lens rim.  Although this is not ideal, it should prevent excessive wear and tear.

Cleaning Products Do’s & Don’ts

It’s a good idea to purchase a glasses cleaner specifically formulated for the job. Especially if you have expensive or anti-reflective coatings on the lenses.

AVOID many windows and washing up liquid cleaners, which often have harsh chemicals or additives such as ammonia, lotions and surface brighteners. These additives can remove coatings from your lenses or build up a film on the lens surface making them difficult to clean.

There are many commercial preparations designed specifically for cleaning spectacles and sunglasses, but, we have an industry secret below!  So you can make your own super solution very cheaply.

How To Make A Simple Eyeglasses Cleaner In Seconds

X1 Part Deionized Water (Ironing Water)
X1 Part Methylated Spirit (Rubbing Alcohol)
X1 Small Atomising Spray Bottle
Never ever use nail varnish remover or acetone to clean lenses.

Use a Microfibre Cleaning Cloth

Micro Fibre Cloth
A microfiber cleaning cloth is the best weapon in a glass’s wearers toolbox. The microfibers act like powerful magnets to trap dirt, dust, and grease and is worth carrying with you where ever you go.

Caring For Micro Fibre Cloths

Micro Fibre cloths also need to be kept ultra clean to be effective. Over time their advantages can turn the other way if the dirt and grease are allowed to build upon them.

Ensure you hand wash them in dish soap to cut through any grease and rub all parts of the cloth together for a few minutes to dislodge any dirt and grit. Rinse thoroughly with clean water, ring out and allow to air dry and it will be fighting fit for another day!

Never put microfibre cloths into the washing machine and avoid the use of fabric softeners as this can reduce the cloths effectiveness. Do not tumble dry microfibre cloths as this is extremely harmful and destroys the surface properties of the cloth.

Can Scratches Be Removed From Lenses?

Scratched Lenses
No, not really. Once a lens is scratched or pitted there is no way to remove them completely without affecting the lenses.

If the scratch was polished out this would affect the curvature of the lens and therefore change the power which would blur your vision or tire your eyes anyway.

There are videos online that show good results using toothpaste and other preparations. But, in our experience, once a lens is scratched badly it really needs replacing.

A good practice for expensive glasses is to upgrade your lenses to include a scratch resistant coating to increase their resistance to normal wear and tear. But if you can scratch a diamond.  Then you can never stop scratches completely over time or as a result of an accident.

Keep Your Glasses in a Safe Place

When you are not using your reading glasses store them safely in a hard shell glasses case, preferably in the same location each time you remove them.

Stop Bad Habits

Don’t store glasses on your head; this pushes the sides of the frame outward loosening their fit over time. This can put them at increased risk of slipping off your nose when you bend over or falling off your head completely, smashing the lenses or seriously scratching them.

Don’t store them in pockets and bags without a case. Although convenient to have them close to you at all times. Unfortunately, they often get crushed, buckling the frame, ejecting the lenses and are then not fit for purpose or at worse broken forever.

More Industry Secrets!

Ultra Sonic Glasses Cleaner

The Ultra Sonic Frame Cleaning Bath

The ultra-sonic frame cleaner is one of the best-kept secrets in the optician's armoury, until now!

The bath cleaner uses ultrasonic waves that pass through a cleaning solution to dislodge any dirt that has accumulates around your nose pads, in between the frame and lens. Also great for jewellery, hearing aids and other small items that are difficult to clean.

A technician will usually remove the lenses first and then place the frame and lenses into the bath for a few minutes to let the magic happen.

If you work in dirty, greasy or dusty environments this device could save you a small fortune. It can really help keep your glasses looking and feeling brand new and definitely well worth the investment. Like many gadgets, you get what you pay for so do your research first!


All lenses do eventually lose their sparkle through normal wear and tear. But, if you use this guide and instil good habits, you will prevent many needless scratches to prolong the life of your glasses lenses.

If you have expensive eyeglasses, jewellery or hearing aids it may well be worth investing in an ultrasonic cleaning bath.

Do you have any crazy tips that work to clean and maintain your glasses?

Tell us below and don’t forget to share the wisdom!


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