How Reading Re-Wires The Brain

How Reading Re-Wires The Brain

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If you have ever wondered why reading is so revered in our society you don’t have to look far. Its power to affect the world and society is evident all around us.
The ability to record exact information and recall it at will can be difficult for the cleverest people on earth. But when information is recorded in written form it can be recalled instantly at any time afterwards be it minutes or decades later by anyone with the ability to read.

Society has been able to progress by our ability to pass exact information to one another and in written form. It is our ability to understand one and other literally that has affected so much change.

But did you know that reading re-wires your brain?

It was found that children reading between the ages of 8-10 developed increased white matter in the brain which allows for improved wide brain communication. Giving kids the ability to process information and understand new concepts easily.

Studies have also shown that when reading about senses such as taste and smell, the same areas of the brain are active that would be normal while experiencing a specific taste or smell.

In that same way, empathy is fostered by reading about others lives and experiences and increases the reader's emotional intelligence. So actively making them respond differently to others in their communities improving relationships and social standing.

Do you only get these benefits from a book?

It’s been shown that its the time, focus and comprehension that matters the most to affect the brain. So be it a tweet, a blog, the newspaper or a novel, if you read, understand and contemplate what is written, you are changing the brain forever.

Learning Through Reading

The written word has been revolutionary for humans to record and share discoveries and pass on learned knowledge long before our ability to record sound and vision.

Our ability to go back, review and repeat to learn in our own time is one of the most efficient ways to lay down memory.

Although we now have the same access via the smartphone to replay audio and video at any time of day. You would have thought reading would suffer. But there seems to be something unique about the written word that engages the imagination connecting the reader more actively than passively consuming a video or listening to a recording.

Reading a book is a challenge that requires your full attention and it is this that engages and rewires your brain most effectively still to this day.

Escapism and Relaxation

There is nothing quite like sitting down and immersing yourself in a good book and numerous studies support this as is shown in our blog Relieve Stress With Reading - Click Here


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