Avoid These Embarrassing Ways To Lose Your Glasses

Avoid These Embarrassing Ways To Lose Your Glasses

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Reading 123, a retailer of reading glasses, have compiled a list of the most embarrassing ways people have lost their glasses. To produce the list, Reading 123 asked 2,130 individuals in the UK who wear glasses on a daily basis to share how they have lost their glasses in the past.


Accidents, by nature, happen unexpectedly. It’s not easy to always remember everything you put down. By sharing these humiliating cases of people leaving their glasses in embarrassing places, Reading 123 hopes individuals can consciously dodge reenacting any of them or creating their own embarrassing situation involving their glasses.


The Top Four Embarrassing Ways People Lost & Found Their Glasses

  • In a cake mix whilst baking
  • A public toilet cubicle and having to ask for them back
  • Left on my head
  • In the freezer


By far the most common way individuals lost their way in an embarrassing manner is simply forgetting they have them on their head. A total of 29% of respondents said they regularly forget their glasses are on their head and can be somewhat embarrassing when done in public or with family and friends around.

Monica McCoy, an individual who prefers contact lenses due to often forgetting where she places her glasses, believes her case may be one of the most embarrassing:

“I have a habit of taking off my glasses and forgetting about them. A few years ago I lost my pair of expensive Ray-Ban glasses in the house. We couldn’t find them anywhere, so I eventually gave in and bought an identical pair so I didn’t have to wear contacts all the time. Fast forward a few years and we were in the process of moving and upon emptying the freezer, we found my glasses! They were at the very bottom and coated in layers upon layers of ice.”


Paul Gibson, Managing Director of Reading 123, often hears stories of people embarrassingly losing their glasses.

“When I first started in the optical industry, I would’ve never expected people to tell me funny and embarrassing stories relating to how they lost their glasses and then found them. Although people initially find the situations embarrassing, they soon want to tell everyone as they come to see the funny side.” Says Paul


Paul went on to say: “Probably the funniest story I ever heard is of someone accidentally baking their glasses after their toddler placed them in the cake mix. It took them nearly a week to find them and when they did, it was in front of a small family gathering to celebrate a wedding anniversary!”


Do People Take Action After Losing Their Glasses in an Embarrassing Situation?

We asked the following questions to individuals who have lost their glasses in an embarrassing situation in the past. We wanted to understand if they’ve done anything to avoid repeating the event.


Questions YES NO
Have you done anything to avoid losing your glasses in the future? 67% 33%
Did it stop you losing them again? 78% 22%


What Did You do to Avoid Losing Them?

For the 67% of people who said they have actively tried doing something to avoid losing their glasses in the future, we asked them how and below are the results:


  • Take them off less (72%)
  • Use a glasses case (13%)
  • Use a chain for glasses (9%)
  • Track them on my phone (6%)


To Produce The Results

To produce the results, Reading 123 surveyed 2,130 individuals living in the United Kingdom that said they wear glasses every day. The survey was conducted from July to September 2018.

About Reading 123
Reading 123 is a Hull-based seller of quality reading glasses, which are manufactured to high standards in a wide variety of styles and powers ranging from +1.00 to +3.50D.


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