Are You Likely To Be More Successful If You Wear Glasses?

Are You Likely To Be More Successful If You Wear Glasses?

Posted by Paul Gibson on

A very interesting debate with multiple statistics backed by the eyewear industry wanting to sell glasses for fashion, profit and traditional success.

The more interesting debate is what defines success in a world where the established classes no longer dictate the specifics of success anymore.

The traditional image of success is to be RICH.  Which has been a mix of status, position, class, wealth, money and surrounding yourself with material possessions as an outward projection to the rest of the world to prove it.

The sad reality is that these traditional “trappings” of success are just a band-aid for personal insecurities bred in a world of scarcity.  If we dig deep many of the material things, we buy are ego driven, even at the dizzy heights of celebrity success.

Woman with shopping bags wearing sunglasses

The very idea that people would buy fashionable glasses to outwardly appear successful just illustrates a very weak mindset.   An industry warped enough to support that idea with statistics just to sell more eyewear is ludicrous.

Let’s just examine that statement a little further.  By examining the history of our own species.  Our ancestors over millions of years never had access to vision correction.  Yet they managed to survive and reproduce against the odds, this could be regarded as being extremely successful.

Success is different in eras, areas and for every individual.  So maybe we need to redefine our image of success altogether.

So, what do I think constitutes a new description of success that we can all strive towards?

Becoming a person with the self-awareness to reflect on their current situation with perspective, gratitude and apply control over one’s future and development, are the ultimate attributes of success.  These attributes can be applied at all stages of a person’s life and flexible throughout to evaluate success along the way.

Glass of drinking water

For example, spare a thought for the 2.1 Billion people around the world that lack access to safe drinking water.  Simply having running water in their own home or dwelling would be their ultimate success.  For the rest of us, applying perspective and gratitude to that fact.  Should make us feel extremely grateful and successful.

To worry about whether wearing glasses will make you look successful in this light, should trigger your self-awareness enough to realise this is pretty ridiculous in the scheme of things. 

Once we get passed the burden of survival, a deeper awareness of a responsibility to help others also achieve that success should preside.  I know that may sound a bit fluffy and idealistic, but we are only as strong as our weakest link. 

When any one of the attributes to success is compromised or suppressed unsuccessful behaviours manifest. Which then limit that person’s self-awareness, perspective, gratitude and control over their own future, limiting their opportunities of success.  If we don’t act It impacts the lives of the successful anyway through violence, antisocial behaviour and crimes.

Let’s be honest though, there is nothing wrong with wearing a stylish well-designed pair of glasses as an outward expression of healthy vanity, or simply to feel good.  After all, it has been a fundamental behavioural trait throughout the animal kingdom to demonstrate health and attract a mate to replicate life on earth.

In conclusion, success is being self-aware enough to realise when you have enough and then be able to help others.

After all, no one attends your funeral on the strength of your balance sheet or what style of glasses you wore. 

Unless that girl or guy that gave you, your children thought ooh, he or she looks successful 😉


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