A Practical Guide to Setting a Reading Challenge For 2019

A Practical Guide to Setting a Reading Challenge For 2019

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There are many reasons you might want to read more books throughout 2019 and we all know its beneficial for several reasons, be it improving your imagination, vocabulary and overall knowledge.  You might simply want to escape, relax and unwind from the daily grind.

Whether you are a seasoned reader or want to become more proficient, setting a new year’s resolution to read more books will take incredible discipline to pull off without a goal or challenge to work towards.

Why Setting A Challenge Helps You Achieve Your Goals?

Choosing and setting the right challenge will be your guiding light to success.  Once you have a goal or ambition, it gives you the ability to reverse engineer the outcome, that forms a plan of action like a roadmap to success.

Should you choose an easily achievable or a hard to reach the goal?

One of the best ways of setting a challenge is to review your reading habits over the last year.  For instance, you may read one book a month, or maybe three times that amount.  The important thing is to set a realistic goal that challenges where you are now.

What Should My Reading Challenge Be?

Remember it’s a challenge and not torture!  Choosing something you enjoy is the key to completing any challenge, and it will make you far more likely to succeed.

Here are a few examples that might help you decide.

Goal 1, to read 12 books in 2019, you may have started a business or new career and want to improve your business skills.  So, you search google for the top 10 greatest business/professional books of all time and commit to reading one a month.  That way you may even crush your target!

The above example will help you achieve that goal a lot easier by applying your new-found knowledge along the way.  It may encourage you to read even more.

Goal 2, you want to increase your vocabulary and knowledge by reading the top 20 classic books.  So, you google the list of top 20 classical books and set yourself the challenge to read one every 2 weeks.  That way if you fall behind you will have a little time to catch up throughout the year.

Join a Book Club

Sharing your challenge with others and joining a group of like-minded people can provide the support framework and extra enjoyment to help you too.

We run the 'Reading123 Book Club' on Facebook and would love for you to join.


How To Join

Follow this link https://facebook.com/groups/778103622314181/

If you don’t have a Facebook account you can join: Click Here

Enter a Social Reading Challenge in 2019.

The Reading123 book club challenge 2019, is for real seasoned and ambitious readers!

Read 52 books in 2019! 

To help you we post x1 recommended book every day at 5 pm in our club. 

Each week we pick a different theme.  So, you will have over 260 books to choose from throughout the year. 

If you don’t like a particular theme one week, there is plenty to pick from previous weeks that you may enjoy instead. 

For anyone that joins later in the year, just dive in and see how many you can read in the time you have left.

Share With A Reading Club

Post a picture of yourself, write a quick review or a mini video blog on the book recommendation.  Do this each time you finish a book to share and discuss with our members.

We will be sending spot prizes out for the best posts and most active throughout the year to provide some little incentives along the way.

Raise Money to Keep You Motivated

If you want an outside motivation, why not set your target and ask people to sponsor you to complete the challenge.

Do Audio Books Count?

Yes, don’t let your lack of free time dictate your learning capabilities or simply enjoying an amazing story or thesis! 

Increase your consumption by downloading and listening to books via audio when you are commuting to work, travelling or cooking dinner.


Put yourself in a position to succeed, set your challenge to improve where you are now as a reader.  If that’s one book or joining our book club challenge, just make sure you don’t stretch too far.

There are many benefits to reading and we wish you all the best of health and wealth for 2019 and that you share with us your reading highs and lows throughout the year.

Join our challenge and join hundreds of people in the club.


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